Overview of Training Sessions


Do you work with people from culturally diverse backgrounds?

Do you have friends and family members you would like to be closer to?

Do you want to improve your ability to connect?

Are you frustrated in your ability to communicate?

Are you struggling to deal with situations?

If so, you may need to discover new ways to help you to prevent vicarious trauma and build up your resilience.

Through this training participants will be empowered to take the stress out of communication by learning how to develop stronger coping mechanisms to face challenging and unpredictable situations.

All training is culture, gender and age inclusive.

These sessions will empower you to question and challenge yourself to improve.

Sessions are participatory based and will draw on your real life experiences.

Unlearning about cultures is the gateway to learning

Mind Your Thoughts

Meditation and self awareness by Dr Farvardin Daliri

Do your best with no fear by Dr Farvardin Daliri

Your True Calling