Youth Services

Townsville Intercultural Centre has a strong focus on assisting youth and many of our projects directly target youth in the services they offer. Townsville Intercultural Centre is heavily involved in working together with local schools (both primary and high schools) and other community organisations that assist youth, such as Queensland Youth Services and Uniting Care.

Townsville Intercultural Centre has recently received funding from the Queensland Government for a new Youth Engagement project. This project aims to empower young members of our community to take a leadership role in building a cohesive, crime free and service oriented community in and around Townsville.

The project aims to support 30 young people on their path to leadership and, in turn, these motivated youth will initiate 20 community service projects, which will directly inspire and involve 450 young people from diverse backgrounds. There are many young people who have unexplored talents, capacity and abilities that can be channelled towards serving the community in their own creative ways. These service projects will be designed by the youth leaders in a residential youth camp over 4 days during February 2017.

This project will also be supported by the help of a recently formed youth reference group, consisting of young people of various backgrounds and many other service agencies and Queensland Police.

If you or someone you know may be interested in getting involved or would like to know more about this innovative youth project, please get in contact with us.

Tall Stories - Youth Involvement

Please head on over to our Stories page to view some of the videos created by some of the participants in the Youth Project.