Settlement Services

The settlement service program is a national program funded by the Australian Government to help humanitarian entrants and eligible migrants establish themselves when they first arrive in Australia.

By providing settlement support, eligible clients are able to become more self-reliant and engaged in Australian society, thereby minimising their longer-term reliance on social services.

The Townsville Intercultural Centre’s current settlement services comprise a range of programs and services such as;

  • Offer assistance to newly arrived clients to make social connections. This service type can include but is not limited to: leadership and mentoring activities; linking with mainstream services and working in partnership with local communities to provide a welcoming environment for new arrivals.
  • Provide settlement related information, advice, advocacy or referral services to individuals or their families due to issues arising from their settlement experience. This service type can include but is not limited to: English classes and information on rights and responsibilities, including partnerships and programmes that assist clients to become 'job ready'.
  • Deliver specialised, customised settlement services targeting young people between the ages 15 and 24 years. This service type can include but is not limited to: building capabilities in employment, education and leadership; homework support; and fostering connections with the community.
  • Support clients in their journey of economic and personal wellbeing, independence and community connectedness. The project can also facilitate pathways to greater education and general life skills workshops.