Townsville Cultural Fest Launch

Please join us for the official launch of the 25th Anniversary of Townsville Cultural Fest (16 – 18 Aug) and the festival mascot – The Giant Koala.

Now, with the devastation of the floods, an embattled economy and divisive acts of terror in so many parts of the world, is the time for us to stand together and say, not us. We will unite. We will celebrate love, harmony, prosperity and equality.

The 25th anniversary of the Townsville Cultural Fest promises to reinvigorate and nourish our souls and our community, capitalising on 24 years of continued development, in all its forms.
The Giant Koala, the glorious festival mascot, will travel from Brisbane to Townsville over 10 days visiting many communities along the way.

Please come and show your support for its official unveiling and wish The Giant Koala well on its long journey to Townsville as it unites all in its path.

For more information about the festival please see