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Mind Your Thoughts - Topics Covered in Training Session

  • Learn to develop immunity from work related emotional hazards and how to switch off the internal,  emotional chain reaction after a challenging day of work.
  • Learn how to selectively focus your mind after an intense day of dealing with emotionally charged situations.
  • Learn to recognise difference between the minds operation and emotional auto-reflex chain reaction.
  • Learn meditation with practical tools.
  • Learn how to choose thoughts instead of reacting involuntary to random thought patterns.
  • How to remain calm and prepare for sleep.
  • How to perform "active breathing".
  • How to block the daytime traumas from reengaging the mind and emotions during evening and sleep.
  • How to gain hope and optimism in a hopeless situation.
  • How to cancel unpleasant thoughts and emotions.
  • How to acquire a still mind, restful heart and relaxed body when you need it.

Communicating Across Cultures

Wednesday 12th June 9am - 1pm (Brisbane)

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Mind Your Thoughts

Wednesday 12th June 6pm - 8pm (Brisbane)

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Unlearning about cultures is the gateway to learning

Mind Your Thoughts

Meditation and self awareness by Dr Farvardin Daliri

Do your best with no fear by Dr Farvardin Daliri

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