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Communicating Across Cultures - Topics Covered in Training Session

Explore the differences between emotion and information, assumption and awareness, problem solving or worrying about a problem.

How our own personal stories influence our worldview and the way we perceive a problem.

How to disassociate emotions surrounding a situation from the useful information required for improving that situation.

Differentiate between an emotional reaction and a calm and collected assessment of a situation.

How an emotional charge is contagious and how it influences the entire atmosphere surrounding a situation.

How one can remain unmoved by negative emotional energy in a situation and influence others by way of altruistic and un-emotional love and care.

How quickly emotions work and how to improve the ability to contain fast negative emotional auto reflexes in order to prevail with wisdom, a still mind, peace and compassion.

The difference between active listening and heart to heart connection that transcends language.

Role of culture and religion in communication.

How to bypass cultural and religious barriers in communication.

How to engage with clients from a place of compassion and wisdom and without fear, frustration and other emotional reactions.

Communicating Across Cultures

Wednesday 12th June 9am - 1pm (Brisbane)

Mind Your Thoughts

Wednesday 12th June 6pm - 8pm (Brisbane)

Unlearning about cultures is the gateway to learning

Mind Your Thoughts

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