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Communicating Across Cultures - Topics Covered in Training Session

  • How to unlearn our existing assumptions and views about the person that we want to communicate with
  • How our own personal stories influence our worldview and the way we perceive others
  • How to disassociate emotions surrounding a conversation from useful information involved
  • How to moderate emotional reaction and improve calm and collected assessment of a conversation
  • Understanding the role of culture and religion in communication
  • How to bypass cultural and religious barriers in a conversation
  • How emotional chain reactions can hijack the direction of conversations
  • How one can contain negative emotional energy in a conversation and operate with blissful, compassionate and altruistic heart
  • How to achieve heart to heart connection in a conversation beyond and above active listening
  • How to engage with culturally diverse clients with the application of emotional intelligence and bypass all barriers, hesitations, fear, frustration and negative emotions

Communicating Across Cultures

Wednesday 12th June 9am - 1pm (Brisbane)

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Mind Your Thoughts

Wednesday 12th June 6pm - 8pm (Brisbane)

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Unlearning about cultures is the gateway to learning

Mind Your Thoughts

Meditation and self awareness by Dr Farvardin Daliri

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