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These courses are presented by Dr Farvardin Daliri oam, who has spent a lifetime in community services and initiating projects and programs towards more cohesive and harmonious communities. He draws his knowledge from working in culturally complex situations in remote north Indian communities, working with remote communities in Tasmania and working in Melbourne within culturally diverse communities. Dr Daliri has also spent a great deal of time in remote regional Australia dedicating his time to creating intercultural dialogue and building relationships within whole communities.

He also draws on his knowledge from working within the Indigenous communities of North Queensland, and helping them to achieve self determination and financial independence. He spent 15 years researching Aboriginal cultural influence on the early literacy of their children during transition from home to school. His PhD thesis is a major contribution to understanding the role of culture in early literacy acquisition. Dr Daliri also has developed youth education curriculum for residential youth camps called Youth Agents of Change. In these camps participants through knowledge of emotional intelligence, aspire to the concept of essential oneness of humanity and focuses the participants attention on self-awareness, emotional hygiene and application of mind power to problem solving, leaving frustration of unpleasant external agencies aside. In his training sessions, Dr Daliri solely on scientific knowledge and personal experience, while he draws on the experience and knowledge of those that participate.

Dr Daliri’s style is fresh, dynamic, lively, humorous, interactive and participatory. In his courses participants never shy away getting involved as his presentation always incorporates all questions from the floor. Any issues raised during the discussion are adequately addressed at the end of the session.

Dr Farvardin Daliri is also the author of two published books, they form the theoretical basis of these sessions:

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Communicating Across Cultures

Wednesday 12th June 9am - 1pm (Brisbane)

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Mind Your Thoughts

Wednesday 12th June 6pm - 8pm (Brisbane)

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Unlearning about cultures is the gateway to learning

Mind Your Thoughts

Meditation and self awareness by Dr Farvardin Daliri

Do your best with no fear by Dr Farvardin Daliri

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