About the Presenter

These courses are presented by Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM, who has spent a lifetime in developing the knowledge and practice of communicating across cultures. Dr Daliri is well known for his courses in self-awareness, meditation, stress and anxiety management, cross-cultural awareness and Emotional Intelligence. Dr Daliri has successfully applied the theory of “culture” and its implications on the educational issues of Australian Indigenous children within public schools.

Dr Daliri’s style is fresh, dynamic, lively, humorous, interactive and participatory. In his courses participants never shy away getting involved as his presentation always incorporates all questions from the floor and any issues raised are addressed adequately by the end of the session.

Dr Farvardin Daliri is also the author of two published books, linked below:

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Unlearning about cultures is the gateway to learning

Mind Your Thoughts

Meditation and self awareness by Dr Farvardin Daliri

Do your best with no fear by Dr Farvardin Daliri

Your True Calling